Hola! My name is Marione, a nearly 30-year-old blog enthusiast by heart and a foodie by soul! :) I was born and raised in the Philippines but left for the US to finally be with my husband. We were friends for 3 years, dated for a year, got engaged after a few months and took the plunge into marital bliss after 4 months of engagement. We were mostly LDR during our relationship. So now, I'm here — in a new environment, away from my family and friends, surrounded by different people and trying to adapt a new chapter of my life in a new country with a far different culture with what I am used to.

Being always alone at home, I enjoyed doing stuff online — from freelancing jobs, finding free stuff, frequently checking my social media accounts, reading about almost everything, trying to learn Spanish, and finally blogging.

I love free stuff, and I'm into freelancing work, living my dream of working at home. I started blogging in Tumblr way back 2010 then I just suddenly stopped. Life has been crazy! Now, here I am, making another shot in blogging hoping to share some valuable knowledge to others based on my life long experiences.

So yes! This blog would be talking about my own experiences and thoughts in hopes that others would be able to learn something from them. But maybe you are wondering, "Why the Title?" Basically, Marionette is my name. If you do a little research about it, you'll learn that behind the name is a French word which means 'little Mary.' But the meaning of my name itself was sort of strange for others. According to Wikipedia's definition:  A marionette is a puppet controlled by above-using wires or strings while Merriam-Webster’s definition goes like this: A marionette is a small-scale usually wooden figure (as of a person) with jointed limbs that is moved from above by manipulation of the attached strings or wires. One of the first figures to be made into a marionette was the Virgin Mary, hence the name. “No strings attached” simply means, unlike the puppet marionettes, I am free. I am on my own. I control my own life, and this is what my blog is all about-- talking freely about anything I want!

Learn more about me and my thoughts through this blog and my writings. I am open to your comments, suggestions, and criticism. Bring it on!

Oh! And please feel free to get in touch with me through any of my social media channels or feel free to send me an email if you like! I like hearing from my readers. Talk to you soon! xoxo

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  1. Happy that you are writing again. You're good at it, I've read your stories, poems and etc from your school's journals before. I was also hoping you would be able to write them here and let others know how good you are in playing words and combining them into stories. P.S : Because you are long gone home, I was able to peek into your diaries.. HAHAHAHAHAHA :) :) :)

    - I may not be your number 1 fan but I'll be the last one standing ^_^

    1. Thanks for dropping by sissy!❤❤❤ Haven't had a time to focus in writing right now, but hopefully I can be better at itπŸ˜€ I hope you did not find anything disgusting from my diaries instead learned a little something from itπŸ˜‚ Also, if you can be a guest blogger here, it would be awesome! Share your journeys, travels, and anything under the sun from your end!πŸ‘­πŸ‘―


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