My Biometrics Experience - Tampa, FL

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Photo worth it OOTD :)

After almost two months, we finally received my Biometrics appointment letter in the mailbox!

Date of Appointment:  November 14, 2016
Time of Appointment: 03:00 PM
Where:                          APPLICATION SUPPORT CENTER
                                       USCIS TAMPA
                                       5629 Hoover Blvd
                                       Tampa FL, 33634

Why do I need to attend this Biometrics Appointment?  Intending immigrants with a pending visa application need to provide their fingerprints, photographs and/or signatures. For so doing, USCIS can confirm your identity and run required background and security check.

What you need to bring on your appointment? Your appointment letter will clearly states:

1. The Appointment Notice and
2. Photo Identification (such as your passport or driver’s license)

Please refrain from bringing the following inside the building:

1. Cellphones
2. Cameras
3. Other recording devices

They will allow you to bring your phone but put it on silent and don't use it. When I was there, people had been using their phones and it kept on ringing so one officer (I guess the one who monitors security cameras) showed up and started shouting "Please do not use your phones". Twice he went out his room just for that!

My father-in-law accompanied me in the ASC since my husband was at work. It was an hour drive from where I live and we arrived 2 hours before my appointment. At first, I thought they will not allow me to go inside because it's way too early, but they did. I showed my appointment notice and no questions asked, they let me in. I am guessing maybe because there were few people that day. According to some experiences, some ASC allows the applicants to enter only on their scheduled appointment. After passing the security scanner, a guard pointed me to where I needed to go.

Upon entering, I look around first to see where to go. Then I saw a short queue where I lined up and where I waited to be served. The lady asked for my appointment letter and photo identification. She checked those out and handed them back together with a form. She instructed me to return it after I have it filled out.

Information you need to provide in the Application Information Worksheet:
  • Married Name (Last, First, Middle)
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone number
  • Country of Birth
  • Gender
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Race
  • Height & Weight
  • Application Number(s)
  • Any other names you have used (including Maiden name, previous married name, AKA, etc.)
After completing the form, I handed it back to the lady and she gave me a queue number in return. I waited only for a short while, it was just about 6 people before me. It took them around 10 minutes to get my fingerprints, photo and signature. That's it!  I am in and out of the building in just 35 minutes.

Note: For detailed general information about Preparing for your Biometric Services Appointment, visit USCIS page here.

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