Hola! Welcome to my blog! My name is Marionette, a blogger enthusiast by heart and a foodie by soul! :)

I was born and raised in the Philippines but left for the US to finally be with my husband. We were friends for 3 years, dated for a year, got engaged after a few months, and took the plunge into marital bliss after 4 months of engagement. We were mostly LDR during our relationship. Now, here I am, married to him, the love of my life, for 5 years and living the Floridian life with our fur baby Luke Skybarker for about 4 years and a half.

I started this blog as an outlet of my emotions, my journey as a person, and my love for sharing product reviews! As my love for sharing my experiences grew, my main focus now is to inspire, motivate, and influence people. 

I feel the need to make an impact as an influencer to help people - brands or consumers like me, to find the information they need in this digital world.

I am excited to share my love for everything under the sun!

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