Home Improvements During the Pandemic

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

When the pandemic started, most of us have a 360-degree turn of our lives. 

My work implemented a rotation schedule for us when the pandemic took it turns to worse just so there's not a lot of people in the office and that we are complying with the social distancing protocol. I started working for two days and then two days off. With all that free time, my husband and I started a home project. We repainted the house and bought new furniture. It was a total make-over. But no, we did not overspend or splurge. We bought what we can afford and somethings I repurposed and was used for something else.

The first thing we worked on was our kitchen. We used to have a lot of plates, utensils, bowls, mugs, and water bottles that we don't really use, so I started boxing them and put them away. We are only two at home and rarely got visitors, so all of those are mostly clutter in our kitchen. We got a cheap set of plates and bowls from Walmart with a color that eventually started the theme of our house.

Mainstay Amelia Topaz Dinnerware Set

Here's a look of our kitchen:

Our next project was then the dining area. We found the cheapest but comfortable dining set from Wayfair, and since the brown color doesn't really match our home aesthetics, we bought some chair Covers are from Amazon. The giant wall frame was given to us by a friend.

The living room was the next one we did, and it took us a while to finish putting everything together. The sofa set was also from Wayfair. The coffee table was something we got from Facebook Market for super cheap, and the TV stand was from a local thrift store in our area. This living room update is definitely our favorite part of our home project! 

The last part of the house that we had a significant update was the master's bedroom. The bed was, of course, from Wayfair too.😆

We did some minor updates on our bathrooms, but that would be for some other time for us to share because we are still in the process of repainting it. We are also still working on my husband's "man cave," a.k.a gaming room; when it's finished, we are going to share it with you too! As for my playroom, I updated it a couple of times already, and most of the furniture I have there was some old furniture from our bedroom and living room that I chose to repurpose instead of just throwing them away. I will do a separate post about it since I've got so many things to share from there! But here's a glimpse of my vanity area:

We are happy with how things turned out. I believed that even if you are renting, you can still make the best out of your home. But I am looking forward to that day that we'll be able to own our house that we can call forever home. I always wanted to move somewhere else. Maybe not on another state, because I love Florida!😂 I guess, just somewhere new.

I've heard a lot of good things about Jacksonville. And if ever you are in the market for a new house yourself, you can count on Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty, Erin E. King MBA. Erin was recognized as Best of Zillow Realtor. He specializes in Jacksonville's historic homes like the homes for sale in Ortega

Erin King is also a Ramsey Endorsed local real estate provider in Jacksonville. A Ramsey endorsed local provider is a 3rd party affiliation that he has, and he's really proud of it! With his combined expertise and experience in buying and selling, you are in good hands and can definitely find your historic dream house in the Jacksonville area. 

His website is also easy to navigate, and there are quite several beautiful homes for sale in Ortega. I particularly like this one:

My husband and I always dreamed of a house far from neighbors and with a big extra lot where we can have our fur baby, Luke, run around and play. 

You can check out more houses from the website and if you find what you are looking for, make sure to give Erin a call.

Hopefully, someday, we can have our own little house, may it be here in Florida or back home in the Philippines. For now, we are grateful that we are living in a charming and affordable townhouse that we can decorate on our liking. 

What about you? Are you planning on buying a new home anytime soon? Or were you able to do some home projects or improvements during the pandemic? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Your home is beautiful! I love how it a flows together! So special the way you talk about it! Also your vanity is goals!��

    1. Thank you babe! Hubby is the one who chose the theme and it turned out to be really nice! Also, I will do a separate blog post to ahow my entire vanity room. :)

  2. Wow!i liked it very much,,you really did a good job!,the color,how u organized,etc.it turned out very beautiful,you know me i loved cleaning😀😁

    1. You can go here and clean our house too🤣 My husband chose the color for our house. Thank you!

  3. Wow!i liked it very much,,you really did a good job!,the color,how u organized,etc.it turned out very beautiful,you know me i loved cleaning😀😁

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