Benton Dear My Best Friend Bar Review

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I was fortunate enough to receive another skin care product to test and review. This time, I was selected by the brand Benton Cosmetic to review their Dear My Best Friend Bar.

About the Brand:

Are you familiar with the movie 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'? The one who gets younger with time since he was born already looking old? That's the story that inspired the name, Benton. The idea of the brand is to restore the skin back to its original, healthy condition with healthy recipes instead of harmful ingredients. Remember Daisy? Benjamin Button's love interest? She could have wished to turn back time and be young again like her boyfriend. So that's where the concept of this brand came from.

About the Dear My Best Friend Bar:

Are you curious about the name of this soap like I am? Well, if you are a skin care enthusiast like me, you consider your body and face as your best friend. And that's how Benton considers it too. They said that the soap is a letter with their heart to their consumer's best friend - their body and face.

Benton's Dear My Best Friend Bar (aka BF Bar) is a naturally-derived soap for both face and body. It's Benton's first natural soap made with vegetable oil base and various botanical ingredients, which enable moisturizing and cleansing


  • Helps improved blemish skin
  • Moisturizes Dry skin by removing dead skin cells
  • Smoothes bumpy and rough skin
  • Cleanse skin gently that can also be used for sensitive skin
Key Ingredients:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Palm Oil
  • Olive Fruit Oil
  • Tea Tree Extract
  • Propolis Extract

Full List of Ingredients:


The packaging is simple but unique box packaging and an extra plastic packaging inside. I love that it comes with a foaming net for best storage. It's very handy and keeps my soap in its best condition.

My Experience and Thoughts:

I have been using this soap for almost 3 weeks now and so far I am loving it. But I will be honest, I do not really like the smell. It smells like dead meat to me (sorry!) I am not a fan of fragrances but at least maybe make it non-fragrance? Anyway, the smell is bearable and doesn't linger at all and thinking that it was derived from natural ingredients, I cannot really complain since it's good for my skin. Plus, the effect is greater than the smell itself.

I like that it bubbles easily but it is also easy to wash off.

At first, I am afraid to use it on my face since I really have a sensitive skin and I had troubles breaking out. But then, I started using it on my face everytime I shower and did not feel any harsh effect. It is indeed gentle to the skin!

 I have tiny red spot rashes on my left hand that I do not know what causes it and before I used the BF Bar the redness is so visible and it's itchy most of the times. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted my before photo of it. 😌😏😑😓 Anyway, I noticed that with the continuous use of the BF Bar, the redness slowly calms down until I can barely see the red spots and it doesn't itch anymore. Yay!

Almost 3 weeks of using the BF Bar result. You can still see some tiny spots but believe me it was worst before. 

Also, I love how soft and moisturized my skin is after every use. This is the kind of soap I would like to stock up for this cold and dry season. It is a soap that the whole family can enjoy!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me complimentary by Benton Cosmetic for testing and reviewing purposes.  All opinions are my own.

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