Blast from the past: Games edition

Saturday, November 6, 2021


Do you like videogames?

To most 80's kids, like myself, that would be like asking if you like Pizza, Rollerskating or Mtv. They were such an iconic piece of culture growing up. I still have fond memories of hitting the arcade at the corner of our local supermarket - the shining lights, the high-pitched three bit soundtracks, the ringing of high scores and tickets being won... can't beat it! But it wasn't always possible to hit the arcades - those cost money. Thankfully, the home entertainment systems were right around the corner, and suddenly, we could bring the arcade games we so loved to play home.

Looking back, there have been a number of these awesome retro videogames that I absolutely loved to play as I was growing up, and some of them actually bring back really fond memories. So, in the spirit of nostalgia, I'd like to look back on some games that I used to play.

The first game I ever played in a Nintendo Family Computer (FamiCom) was Super Mario Bros. We used to borrow it from our neighbor and I really enjoyed playing it! Oh, how classic!

Image from Google (click photo to original source)

When we first got a home computer, Space Cadet 3D Pinball was so popular. It was so fun to play plus you didn't need any internet connection to play.

Space Cadet 3D Pinball (photo from Google, click to see original source)

And who can ever forget the Spider Solitaire? I strongly belive, if not all of us, most of us (in my generation anyway) had played it. Right? 

Spider Solitaire (image from Google, click link to original source)

And of course, my favorite game to play was the Microsoft Mahjong! For some reason, this game entertained me the most. It was just fun to match the tiles and see them be gone pair by pair.

Mahjong (image from Google, click photo to original source)

Of course, there were a handful of games that I never really understood, but have become classics to some retro gamers: Minesweeper, Pipe Dream and SkiFree. I guess I was not really the 'thinker' one so these games weren't fun for me at all.

While I was reminicing, I stumbled upon this online website that offers free games and I saw some iconic games that made me feel more nostalgic. The website is called

I found different types of Pinball games!

They also have different kinds of Solitaire. And they even have a Mahjong Solitaire that I have to try it!

I was pretty much addicted to the Mahjong Solitaire and played it the most. I slowly became a pro at it too. 😆 I started by clearing the board in 20 minutes down to clearing it in just 5 mins and 49 seconds. And I am not even done trying to lower the time down.

First try :)

It was really fun! I can sit all day just playing this Mahjong Solitaire. And did I already mention that this site is free? You can play hundreds of diferent kinds of games for free and can easily choose a game category of your liking.

Then the age of smart phones emerge. You can do almost everything with it and even play games. I remember I was also once hooked on Candy Crush and Hayday!

My list of phone games are quite long, but here are some of the games I remember playing and have been hooked:

Gardenscapes / Homescapes - restore a beautiful home and enchanting garden while you play puzzle games along the way.

Bestfiends - enjoy collecting cute characters and seeing them evolve as you progress into the game while playing fun puzzles.

Criminal Case - have fun doing detective work and solving murder cases while you try to find hidden objects.

Township - enjoy city building and farming at the same time! Develop your own town by building factories, harvesting crops, and creating goods.

Jewels Dash - an addicting puzzle game where you need to create streaks of at least 3 jewels in a row to win.

June's Journey - Hidden Objects - join June in her quest to unveil a scandalous hidden family secret while trying to find hidden objects in amazing scenes from the roaring 20s!

My Home Design Dreams - enjoy designing and decorating your own home while having fun playing addictive match 3 game puzzles.

The years have passed so quickly and the rapidly evolving technology has brought us even cooler games to play. Right now, I'm currently enjoying Animal Crossing : New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. As a matter of fact, they've just released a new update that I am just so excited to get into and explore. It has a lot (I mean, really a lot) of exciting updates that I am looking forward to. The Island life just gets more excting! I will have to get ready and clean my Island in Animal Crossing so I can fully enjoy all the new updates. 

What kind of videogames do you like? And what kind of memories do you have of videogames growing up? 


  1. wow! more to play, hahaha i used to play super mario, new game for stress free, 👌😍