VoxBox Review: P2 Cosmetics Nail Polish

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Today is another VoxBox review for you all! As you may have already know, I love signing up to websites/platforms where I can receive free products to test and review. One of my favorite sites is Influenster. Not only I can voice out my opinion about the products I have already tried and connect to people that loves the same thing as I do, they also send box of products to the most active members and influensters. I am one of those blessed members that has been given the chance to received free products in a box called Voxbox, at least 5 already if I am not mistaken. 

In this blog post I am sharing with you my experience on my P2 Cosmetics Nail Polishes VoxBox.

When I was approved on this VoxBox, I was pretty excited since I love nail polishes! I was more thrilled when I received the VoxBox and saw that they did not only sent me one but 6 shades of nail polishes! What a generous box indeed!

This box comes with three different polishes - Volume Gloss Gel Look Polish (Guest Star, Princess, Geek Freak, Pure Woman), Nude Benefit Polish (Breakfast with Tiffany) and Techno Chrome Polish (Bronze Cut)

The Volume Gloss Gel Look Polish has a special plumping formula to create that ultimate ‘gel’ look. 'This polish is formulated for a long-lasting, high-gloss finish while providing high coverage and perfect color transfer. It includes a voluminizing fanning brush for perfect, fast results, as the brush fans out on the nail, permitting application in one brushstroke without streaking.'

The first one I've tried was the Volume Gloss Gel Look Polish in Guest Star with the Princess shade as an accent. Guest star is a deep red shade while Princess is like a powder/peach pink.

VerdictThe color payoff was great even with one coat! I love the glossy shine after application. However, it took only a day for it to begin chipping off. I cook and wash dishes every day so I guess this would not be for me.  But I really love the color. Maybe if I did a double or triple coat it could have last a little longer.

The second one I tried was the Nude Benefit in Breakfast with Tiffany and I paired it with the Volume Gloss Gel Look Polish in Geek Freak shade as an accent. The Breakfast with Tiffany shade is a lighter nude pink color while the Geek Freak shade is a dark violet one.

This nourishing nail polish is in trendy nude tones that offers the perfect match for any skin tone. This claims to surrounds your nail with a physical protective layer, evens out irregularities and conceals discoloration.

Verdict:  Unlike the Volume Gloss Gel Look Polish, this Nude Benefit Polish has a creamy and thick formula and one stroke is enough to fully and evenly cover the nails. I also love the opaque finish of this polish. However, this one too chipped super fast. It lasted only 2 days before it began chipping.

The last but definitely not the least was the Techno Chrome Polish in Bronze Cut. I paired it with the Volume Gloss Gel Lock Polish in Pure Woman as a top coat. I love the Rose Gold finish after application. Definitely my favorite among all others!

'This original polish features a metallic effect with a sleek finish that provides shimmering highlights in fashionable colors easy for everyday wear.'

Verdict: I love the creamy formula of this nail polish! Pure metallic shine and elegant-looking nail color. This is by far my most favorite color of all the P2 nail polishes. It last longer than the other colors too!

Conclusion:  Being a new brand, this line excels my expectation. The color payoff of all the shades was great! The brush applicator was really helpful in applying the nail polishes. I love that it dries quickly too! Also, for a very affordable price, you can choose from a variety of colors and it's available in your local Wal-Mart.

On the other hand, this is not something for a busy woman like me who uses her hand very often in doing house chores because it chipped easily and did not last long. 

Have you ever tried P2 Cosmetics Nail Polish before? What was your favorite shade? Tell us in the comment section below!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me complimentary by Influenster for testing purposes. But all opinions are my own.

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