My Favorite Makeup Brands to Follow on Instagram! (TOP 8)

Wednesday, February 3, 2021


As you might already know, I love beauty and started to love makeup not long before I started my Instagram page (which is about 5 years in the making). 

As I spent more time on Instagram and tried different makeup, I have come to love some makeup brand pages and I am going to share them with you on today's blog. I have Top 8 to share, let's go!

1. PixiBeauty - They make some Pixi Pretties!

    This brand will forever be one of my favorite makeup and skincare brands. They are one of my first biggest PR and I genuinely love their products. And can we just adore their gorgeous Instagram feed with the beautiful combination of the light green and pink shades? My husband used to tell me to make my makeup room with the same theme colors because he also loved the look of it! I kept all my boxes from Pixi and displayed them on my makeup room wall. I also love how they share lovely tidbits about their products in their stories. 

2. Colourpop Cosmetics - Creatively Colorful.

    Who doesn't love Colourpop Cosmetics? They have some pretty makeup collection and some super cute theme packaging! Don't you love when they have some amazing collabs like Sailor Moon, Disney, The Mandalorian, and now Animal Crossing? They make me want to spend all my money on their delicately super cute product packaging. I love the mixture of product flat lays and makeup looks that they have on their Instagram page plus their constant sharing of interesting polls on their stories! Total goals!

3. PopBeauty - Make your beauty POP

    Aside from its pretty catchy product names, Pop Beauty is becoming more popular because of its range of beautiful products including makeup and skincare. If you check their Instagram page, you will see the pop of color that will definitely make you feel happy, and don't forget to check their stories too! If you want to do a bold look, Pop Beauty is your go-to friend.

4. Too Faced Cosmetics - Just seriously having fun

    I have not tried as many products from Too Faced as much as I would love to but I love seeing their sweet pink Instagram Feed! Their pretty product shots and beautiful flat lays are something to drool for! Loving their Instagram stories too where they share some recommendations in such appealing ways.

5. Benefit Cosmetics - Your go-to POREfessional

    The pink, blue, brown/bronze color combination in their feed is just lovely! I also love all the glowing, shining, and shimmering face shots they have on there. Plus who doesn't love neatly done brows? I am all for it. As for their stories, you'll find a mix of everything you need to know about their products and always love to see their products in close-up action.

6. Doll 10 Beauty -  Where makeup isn't complicated

    Doll is the name and beauty is the game! I know I don't really have any products from them as of the moment (wait, what?!), but I have been following their Instagram account for a while now and have been enjoying their posts especially the videos they make or share from their customers. I also enjoy their stories that consist of different information and fun Q&A. This year, I might just give in and get myself those gorgeous products they have.

7. Joah Beauty - Smarter beauty, like you

    K-beauty fan? Get all your needs for that Korean look-inspired makeup from Joah Beauty! I love new releases posts from this brand and just adore the looks shared on their Instagram page. I am more into that subtle look like the ones on their page so I love seeing them! I also like seeing their beauty community taking over their stories to show-off a look or just share their Joah Beauty products.

8. Romantic Beauty - Making your makeup journey fun

    Make way to this rising makeup brand! They might be new to the game but they are definitely catching up! I love their feed and how they always share the looks made by their consumers in their stories. With all their amazing makeup and beauty products, you'll hear more about them in the days to come. Check out their Instagram page to see their aesthetically cohesive feed. While you're at it, appreciate how gorgeous their product packaging is!

That's it for now! Did your favorite makeup brand's Instagram page made it to this list? If not, share them below so I can check them out too!

*Although some of these brands sent me their products as part of their PR list, this post is not sponsored.*

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