Best Places to Get a College Education in California

Thursday, May 5, 2022

I have been to California a couple of times and I love its robust economy and rich mixture of cultures. It's a huge place that offers a lot of opportunities.

The west coast is also known for its laid-back attitude, sunny skies, and sandy beaches. It also has some of the best higher education options you can find in the country.

If you’re a prospective student looking at apartments for rent in Irvine, consider one of these colleges.


Stanford University

Ivy League school Stanford is one of the most elite institutions in the nation. Be warned that getting in is tough.


It’s a very selective university, accepting only 5 percent of its applicants.


It’s also costly, with an average price tag of $72,200 for the 2019-2020 school year for those who did not have any grants.


If you do get in, you’ll learn from the very best in the nation. Stanford’s faculty includes 32 MacArthur Fellows, 17 Nobel Laureates, and four Pulitzer Prize winners.


Stanford offers students over 625 on-campus groups to choose from, two museums, and an arts district on the grounds.


Stanford graduates also find much success after leaving school. Recent graduates have reported earning nearly $77,000 annually within the three years after graduation. This is a salary that’s 21 percent higher than comparable schools. 

California Institute of Technology

CalTech is one of the world’s leading technological and research universities. It offers 28 undergraduate and 30 graduate degree options with an emphasis on engineering and the sciences.


Historically, students have been privy to participate in world-class research opportunities, like NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory or the Einstein Papers Project.


Like Stanford and other elite colleges, tuition is high at more than $75,000 for those without grants. The acceptance rate here is a bit higher than at Stanford, at 8 percent.


But similar to other top-tier institutions, graduates stand to earn a good wage upon graduation. CalTech graduate salaries average around $80,000 annually.


CalTech has over 150 student groups, a performing arts venue, and a series of seminars on campus.


University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley is one of the founding members of The Association of American Universities and was established in 1868.


It has many notable alumni that include Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and author Joan Didion, as well as 31 Nobel Laureates. Berkeley also churns out more Peace Corps volunteers than any other university.  


There are over 120 majors, over 1,000 student organizations, and approximately 30 sports teams on campus.


This public university has an acceptance rate of 17% and tuition sits around $40,000 for students in-state. Recent graduates report a median salary of $68,300.


California State University, Long Beach

Cal State-Long Beach is the largest of the 23-school California State University system. It’s also one of the biggest schools in the state with 32,000 undergrads.


The Beach is an affordable option for students, and seven in 10 receive some type of grant or scholarship to help pay for schooling. Costs average about $10,300 a year.


There are 63 undergraduate, 65 graduate, and 4 doctoral degree programs to choose from over a range of subjects.


It’s a Hispanic-Serving institution as nearly half the student population is Hispanic, and most students are native to the state.

So, which one do you think would be your best bet? Whatever it is, I hope you make the best out of your stay! All the best on your apartment and University hunt.

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