Friday, August 26, 2022


Hi guys! I know I rarely post anything here on my blog. To tell you honestly, I always felt tired and sleepy lately. But I am good!

Life has been a cycle recently. So whenever I couldn't focus on anything, I have to find something enjoyable to do, so I turn to play some computer games. I remember back when there was no internet, computers came with the solitaire game. I enjoyed playing it back then but was never became good at it. I stumbled upon a free website called which offers many free games to play. The best part? Their website doesn't have ads so you can enjoy a fast gaming experience. You don't even have to download them!

Although their flagship game is solitaire, their website offers other collections of games across a number of categories. They have card games like the casino-type ones that I wasn't really interested in at all, different mahjong games, hidden objects, match 3, logic puzzles, and word games.

I tried almost everything on the site and overall, I enjoyed them! But let me tell you my top 3 favorites.

Third place goes to the Match 3 category.

Match 3

These are basically games inspired by Candy Crush tile games and Zuma ball shooter games. 

Candy Fiesta

Out of their 7 Match 3 games, my favorite was the Candy Fiesta, because who did not got addicted to Candy Crush before? I love matching all the same colored candies and racking up those scores. This game is not timed and you are given 65 moves to score as many points as you can.

Zuma Legend

I also enjoyed playing the Zuma Legend. The goal is to create sets of 3 or more balls in a row to remove them from the chain before it gets to the end. Honestly, it's harder than it looks! I failed level 1 multiple times before I was able to win it.

Moving on to my 2nd placer favorite. 

Hidden Object

I can not stress enough how much I enjoy playing hidden object games. I discovered so many new words just by playing hidden object games on my phone before. But the hidden object games on this website show pictures of the objects or the numbers you have to find.

There are 8 different scenes to choose from and a variety of ways to play each game setting.  I am not very good at finding numbers but I am keen on trying to find objects. Some of my favorite scenes are the Garden Secrets, The Palace Hotel & the Hidden Kitchen.

These are some scenes from the Garden Secrets

Some scenes at the Palace Hotel

Some scenes from the Hidden Kitchen

It gets really hard to find the objects especially if the scenes have too many things around them or are too cluttered. But nevertheless, I had a great time playing these traditional hidden object games. I was delighted by playing the hidden kitchen the most since I am a fan of all the amazing kitchen settings on all 10 levels!


It might sound boring to many, but the Mahjong games were actually my favorite of them all. It's easy and fun and lets me relax more than the other games. You are simply matching two open tiles to remove them from the playing field. There are many kinds to choose from. But I was entertained by playing the Animal Connection and the Cooking Mahjong the most. 

Animal Connection

This cute animal-themed mahjong has fun tiles to play with. It's a little different from the classic mahjong game. In this game, you have to connect animal pieces in a direct line or a line that turns 90 degrees no more than twice and does not touch any other tiles. You can choose to play between easy, normal, and hard settings in quick matches or enjoy more challenging timed puzzle matches.

Animal Connection Mahjong

Cooking Mahjong

I love cooking so this Cooking Mahjong became an instant favorite. The idea of the game is to cook the indicated recipes on top of the screen by matching the ingredients needed. The first 4 levels have 4 recipes with 3 ingredients each and the tiles increase in numbers as you finished each level. At first, I have to constantly look at the photo recipe before I get the hang of it. When you reach level 5, there's one additional recipe. So that's another 3 ingredients you have to remember to match, on top of the other recipes. This will go on until level 8 and when you reach level 9, another recipe is added. So you now have 6 recipes with 3 ingredients each to remember and match. After you reach level 13, another recipe is added, with a total of 7 recipes and 3 ingredients each you have to remember. It gets challenging but definitely enjoyable for me to play. That doesn't stop there! This game has 25 levels. So when you reach level 17, guess what?! Yes! Another recipe with 3 ingredients is added.  Now, we have a total of 8 recipes to remember. Unfortunately, I only made it to level 20 multiple times I tried. But I am not giving up until I reach the last level. It may take me a while though.😁

It's really good to have an outlet when you're feeling unproductive and tired. For others, it could be just laying around, some do writing a journal or reading a book, and others might binge-watch a TV series or two. Or might play some online games like I do!

No matter what you do, please remember that you are not alone in feeling stressed, lonely, tired and exhausted. You don't always have to power through. Most of the time, it's better to listen to your body and mind and just pause, relax, and take your time to regain your strength back, no matter how you choose to do it.

So, what game caught the most of your interest in games? Let me know in the comment section!

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