How my 2-year Marriage Have Been

Thursday, March 16, 2017

It was March 16, 2015 when my husband and I exchange our marriage vows and it has now been 2 years! Sure, time flew by so fast! How am I doing now after 2 years of marriage?

First year of marriage was difficult for us. We only got to spend time together as husband and wife for a month. The parting time was painful and at some point, the separation anxiety was unbearable. Yes, it was never easy to be in a long distance relationship and yes, it was not advisable because married people are meant to stay close together especially in the first year of marriage.

I have always been an emotional and moody person. I get easily disappointed when things don’t go according to plan or on how the way I expected it to happen. Moreover, I am not even good on communicating my feelings, I will just stop talking and will give my husband a cold treatment -- and that was one big no-no in every relationship. You can imagine my poor husband trying to figure out what he did wrong and can’t even get in touch with me because I won’t answer his messages. I know, it was a struggle for us to keep the relationship healthy during our LDR moments while I am acting childish and immature.  I was like that for a long time and my husband on the other hand was always the apologetic and forgiving one. And I think that’s how we survived our first year of marriage alongside putting God first, even in a long distance relationship.

So how about our second year of marriage? That’s a totally different story! This time, we were physically together and our relationship with each other changed significantly. I am still the same moody and emotional wife and person that I am, but this time around, I was able to get to talk about how I feel (even though it took me a while to learn how to do it) and my husband was able to hold and embrace me when I am acting up, which, in turn, always made me feel better. I learned to somewhat control my emotions and tried to be more open to my husband (I’m still a work in progress). By the way, these articles helped me a lot in my communication issue and marriage in general: Surviving First Year of Marriage and Strengthen Your MarriageThrough Good Communication.

Before marriage, I used to be a career woman. I work 5 times a week with a typical 7am - 5pm job until up to my first year of marriage. But come the second year was a full turn from being a working gal into being a full-time housewife. Was that change difficult for me? Totally not! was my initial answer, but I realized that it was in some areas. I guess the change itself is not difficult at all, but the associated areas of it. Let me explain first why I think that changing from a career woman to a full time housewife was not difficult for me at all. Although I excel on all the jobs I’ve worked for before, I always felt deep within that I am not a career-oriented person. That I am better off doing something with a purpose like being a full time evangelizer, a volunteer or simply being a housewife (yes, being a housewife is a life with a purpose) besides, I love being at home hahaha. So, I find it not really hard to leave my career-oriented life and embraced a new beginning of being a full time housewife. But one thing I struggled with being a full time housewife in the early stage of my second year of marriage, was being in a foreign land-- away from my family and friends, stuck at home alone the whole day with such little things to do (back then, we don’t have internet connection, I don’t have a working phone and a laptop yet). I got so bored and most of the time I was just sleeping all day (that explains the fats and the round face hahaha).

Okay, well, aside from doing some house chores and sleeping all day, I was also busy preparing all the papers we need for the immigration. It was a tough time for us because the filing fees were expensive and my husband was the only one working, but we were so glad we’re over it now! You can read all about our immigration journey here.

Overall, it’s been a crazy, fun and amazingly happy 2 years of marriage! I love being my husband’s wife. Although I am still a full time housewife, now I have a part-time online work at home that keeps me busy. I am still trying to learn the Spanish language and still struggling (I am just one lazy student, I know) and I am planning to learn how to drive really soon and hopefully, in the near future, we can finally move closer to where our friends and spiritual family are. 

I can’t wait to see what else life can offer our marriage in the coming years!

Nope. No babies please. :)


I made a video from raw files of our wedding given to me by our Photographer as a simple gift to my husband. Credits to JW weddings for all our wedding pictures and videos. Click below to watch it! :)

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