My Proactiv Experience and Review

Monday, March 13, 2017

When I was younger, I barely get pimples. However, when I got older, I started having breakouts. I tried different facial washes and acne solutions but nothing seems to work. I got really frustrated.

One day my loving husband (who always tells me that I am still beautiful even with many pimples), suggested this product called Proactiv. That day, I started researching about it. I find it interesting and within my budget. I ordered the Proactiv 30-Day, 3-Step System online for $19.95 + $5.99 SF = $25.94. Take note that once you ordered it online, you will be automatically signed up in their subscription program that will send another package that will be a larger 90-day supply replenishment approximately every 12 weeks (I think that's the standard, but you can change the frequency of your product shipment up to 20 weeks) and it will cost you $68.82 including shipping fee, but the cost would be billed in 3 convenient payments which would be $22.94 approximately every 4 weeks (yeah, it's kinda pricey, but believe me, it's worth it, at least for me).

My 30-day, 3-step Proactiv Kit with a free traveler kit &sample size of Green Tea Moisturizer

Okay, going back to the start, when I received my first box on a Saturday afternoon, I was really excited to use it. But I waited until Monday so I can a have a brand new week of using a new product on my face. I decided to stop putting makeup on my face as well while using the product because I badly wanted to make all the pimples disappear.

I carefully checked everything that came with the box and read the instructions thoroughly. It comes with a welcome letter, a brochure of different Proactiv products that you can buy separately or add to your kit online and a quick start guide on how to use the 3-Step system. It was actually 3 easy steps and all the 3 bottles are numbered 1 - 3 so you won't get lost in the process. It also came with a cute free 3-system travel kit and a sample size of a Green Tea Moisturizer.

Within 2 weeks of using the product I can already see positive results. My husband also noticed that I have lesser pimples and lighter dark spots on my face. However, from time to time, new pimples still appear, specially when I will be having my period but, I can say that the breakouts was not that bad anymore.

My face before using Pro-activ (Sorry for the low quality picture)
To summarize what I like and I don't like with this product:

What I like about it:

  • It works for me.
  • It's easy to use.
  • It has a decent quantity (my kit actually exceeded the 30 days).
  • It's easily available and fast shipping.
  • It doesn't have a strong smell.
What I don't like about it:
  • It's an automatic subscription, which can actually turn out to be really expensive.
  • You can't cancel online, but only thru calling their customer support hotline.
  • It can really dry your skin (so you need to get an additional moisturizer).
  • It can bleach your clothes or face towels.

My face after using Proactiv for 2 weeks.

My final verdict? I'll give this product an 8/10 stars. I loved this product but I hope it can get a little bit more affordable specially for those whose suffering from bad acne that can't afford Proactiv's high price.

My face after using Proactiv for 30 days. Big improvement indeed!
If you want to know more about their products, visit their website at

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