My Blogging and Influencer Journey - Looking Back

Monday, August 17, 2020


I have previously posted a blog post about my journey into becoming an influencer with a tad bit of information and enough tips for you to begin your own influencer journey.

Today, I am giving you a detailed background and timeline about how I started!

The Beginning – Stepping into the world of blogging.

I always wanted to have my own website because I know somewhere in me – is someone who loves to write. I purchased my own domain in September 2016 and started working on the design of my blog. However, it's not until March 2017 that I finally and officially launched it!

The Next Step – Building my Instagram Foundation and Presence

March 27, 2015, when I dived into the Instagram craze and opened my account just for personal use. I was just posting random photos of everything. Came 2016, I was a stay-at-home wife doing odd jobs online and obviously had a lot of spare time in my hands to be on social media platforms, specifically Instagram. I saw people getting free stuff and sharing their thoughts about them. I said to myself, "I want to do that too." I started following freebie hunters so I can learn where to get free products to review that led me to discover different platforms and websites and started signing up for them. I always love to share my thoughts and my experiences with others, so that little fire of passion for sharing my first-hand experiences to others, later become that Influencer passion I have until now. In March 2017, I started to get products to review. I accepted everything – from scissors to kitchen utensils, pet supplies, makeup, and skincare. Then I came to love skincare and makeup – that became another passion.

I then started following makeup bloggers and skincare enthusiasts. I slowly learned how to do makeup and started to have a complete skincare routine! Makeup and skincare became my niche. I enjoyed watching makeup tutorials on Youtube and Instagram. And when TikTok emerged and took over the world (okay, I am just being exaggerated here!), beauty influencers became more active in sharing their talents in this video-based social media platform where they can be more creative. I can tell you that they are absolutely fun to watch!

True, there's a lot of fantastic beauty influencers in TikTok right now, but Popsugar rounded up a few talented beauty influencers that you should be following.

Although blogging is my passion, sadly, I stopped May 2019 due to a lack of time and motivation.

Reaching some milestones – Expanding my Instagram Family

So going back to my journey, I started my Instagram with around 150 – 200 followers, and most of them are friends and family. I reached my first 500 followers in May 2017 and mark the 1000 followers around September that same year. I can't remember exactly how I grew from there, but all I know was, I was stuck at 3k followers for so long – probably a year (2018 - 2019). Fast forward August 2020 – I just recently reached 6k!

And along with it, I was able to find time and motivation again to continue blogging, hence, rebranded and relaunched my blog!

It was a struggle to grew my Instagram following but always thankful to those people who supported me from Day 1. I believe that it's imperative that you know who your target audience is and that you are willing to show up for them every single time, even if you don't feel like it. Engagement is key. I have also learned that taking good photos and adding a compelling caption that gives them a glimpse of who you are, helps a lot in retaining your existing followers and gaining new ones. Plus, don't forget to play with the hashtags if you want your post to be seen by new people.

My current goal is to have 10k followers by the end of the year. Let's make this happen!

Collaborations and Sponsorship – The endless possibility

Is the number of followers important in getting those collabs and sponsorship? For me, it's a yes and no answer. And I will tell you why. I had gotten quite a few collabs when I was just starting out, especially from small brands that needed product testers and can offer you free products. There are also several platforms where you can work with different brands, even if you still don't have that big following. So, in this sense, the number of followers is not essential in getting collaborations. Some brands actually prefer micro-influencers (influencers with less than 10k followers), because they tend to have a higher engagement rate. This means their products will actually be seen by engaged and interested people.

However, big company and higher-end brands tend to rely on macro-influencers (influencers who have over 10k followers) which obviously have a better following. The logic behind this is that, their product will be visible to more people because macro-influencers have a higher reach. Macro-influencers also tend to have a higher chance of getting a paid sponsorship – meaning, brands are willing to pay them with money along with free products, to promote their brand. So yes, in this case, follower count, really counts! Still, this is not always the case; micro-influencers can be paid and offered sponsorship by brands too. I actually have a current paid brand deal in the works while I am still considered a micro-influencer. So all of this comes down to different factors and also depends on the brands.

But nevertheless, we can see here that influencers are becoming essential parts of marketing. That is why many brands are depending on them to promote their products. And then, this is where influencer marketing platforms play an essential role. They help brands find the best and trusted influencers to promote their products. See, for example, Intellifluence, an influencer marketing platform that is home for more than 80k influencers from 176 countries, all ready to collaborate with the right brands. And since beauty is one of the most popular niches, they have a new approach to beauty marketing. They have a pool of talented cosmetics influencers who are waiting to collaborate with beauty brands. 

All that being said, influencer marketing seems to be staying for a long while. And for this reason, if you want to start your own journey as an influencer, now is the time!


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