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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Brand spotlight coming up!

Have you ever heard about the brand PixiBeauty? If not, you're missing out! It's a beauty and skincare brand that offers incredible products to bring out your natural beauty. They've been around for 20 glowing years to provide "pure, awakening & skin-loving products that create a naturally radiant 'just had a good night's sleep' look." Sounds pretty amazing, right?

For today, I am sharing my collection of their skincare and beauty products and my favorites among them (which was actually hard to pick because they are all good!)

*By the way, all of these products are PR gifted, but this is not a sponsored post* 

Here's their PixiGlow Cake ($28 each):

It comes in two Shade: GlidedBare Glow and PinkChampagne Glow. These 3-in-1 coordinated cheek colour and light-diffusing palette help to achieve a naturally healthy, radiant complexion with flushed apples of the cheeks, subtle contouring, and glowing highlights. These will definitely give you the naturally healthy and radiant glow! I can't pick just one from these two because I used each dependent on which look I am trying to achieve.

These are probably one of my favorite collections. I love everything pink and rose. :) This collection includes the following:

Rose Glow Mist - this refreshing Mist helps moisturize skin, improve elasticity and provide free radical protection - $15 

Rose Ceramide Cream -  this ultra-rich cream provides long-lasting nourishment and help to improve skin's elasticity while protecting it against environmental aggressors - $24

Rose Cream Cleanser - this is a soothing and gentle cleanser that helps strengthen and soften the skin - $18

Rose Tonic - this toner rehydrates, replenishes, and refreshes skin while gently removing any impurities - $15

Rose Flash Balm - a great pick-me-up 3-in-1 moisturizer that instantly moisturizes and brightens the skin that can be used as a mask or a primer - $24

Rose Caviar Essence - this gorgeous looking product with its encapsulated flower oils is a weightless serum-essence that helps nourish and hydrate skin while providing immediate and long-term radiance - $24

Rose Oil Blend - a botanical blend that rejuvenates, restores and renews the skin to help improve its elasticity and glow - $24

Makeup Fixing Mist - keep that glow locked with this makeup setting spray that prolongs makeup wear while keeping your skin hydrated - $15 

Among these products, my top two favorites are Rose Caviar Essence and Rose Ceramide Cream!

Here's their Eye Reflections Shadow Palette ($24 each): 

They come in 4 shades:

Mixed Metals 
Reflex Lights
Natural Beauty
Rustic Sunset

I am fortunate enough to get a hold of Reflex Lights and Natural Beauty palettes! And my favorite is the Reflex Lights between the two.

Here's their Glow Tonic Collection:

Glow Tonic To-Go - you want your glow tonic to-go? Here's their solution! The travel-friendly pads pre-soaked in Glow Tonic so you can quickly achieve that toned, brightened, and hydrated skin wherever you go - $18

Glow Tonic Serum - this serum is all about hydrating and moisturizing while providing gentle exfoliation to the skin to show a radiant complexion - $24

On-The-Glow - would be one of my favorites! This multi-tasking stick can hydrate the lips, body, and hair! It's a perfect travel-buddy moisturizer -  $18

Phenomenal Gel - this neutralizing moisturizer  helps stabilize skin's pH levels while providing moisture and balance complexion - $24

Glow Tonic (100 ml) - this is my first and most favorite Pixi Product of all time! This gentle toner smoothes the skin and gives it a healthier glow - $15

Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel - this will probably be my least favorite skincare product from PixiBeauty. Although it promises to remove impurities and brighten the skin, I did not feel or see anything special when I used it. - $18

And yes, the Glow Tonic will always be one of my forever favorites!

Here's their complete Vitamin C Collection:

I got 5 of these products which I listed below:    

Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser - it gently cleanses and brightens skin while improving the overall tone and appearance of your complexion while boosting your skin's natural luminosity. - $18

Vitamin-C Tonic - this toner helps prep your skin to your skincare routine. It helps create a smooth and vibrant complexion while soothing and brightening your skin. - $15

Vitamin-C Serum - this serum provides immediate and long-term radiance and helps reduce the effects of sun damage. - $24

Vitamin-C Caviar Balm - this brightening leave-on mask provides deep hydration while nourishing the skin and providing heavenly moisture day and night. - $24

Vitamin-C Lotion - this lotion provides hydration and protects the skin from sun damage while boosting the skin's luminosity and gives skin smoother complexion. -  $24

I used up the Vitamin-C Juice Cleaner and Vitamin-C Tonic pretty quickly, which tells you that it has become my favorites from this collection. Among others that I don't currently own, I am down on trying the Beautifeye Eye Patches ($24), Vitamin C Sheet Mask ($10), and the Vitamin Wakeup Mist ($15).

The Layers Highlighting Palette - with this highlighting palette, you can customize your own highlight by mixing it together and layering it. It's a multi-use glow-mix palette for your lids and cheeks. - $24

Eye Heart Palette - this palette includes wearable and light-reflective shades in a super silky formula that helps you to easily create stunning looks. - $20

Glow-y Powder - This silky soft, multi-dimensional highlighter has prismatic particles that give you the most gorgeous and radiant glow. It comes in two shades - Fetch (brown tone) and Wednesdays (pink tone). - $16

Endless Shade Stick - An easy-to-use shadow stick that helps you to create a beautiful eye-look quickly. It definitely falls into the on-the-go category, and what more interesting is that it is smudge-proof! I have this is One and Done, Copper Glaze and Matte Cocoa shades, but it's available in 4 other shades: Pearl Lustre, Pink Quartz, Matte Cognac, Bronze Blaze- $14

Lit Kit - This Kit includes Liquid Fairy Lights, a long-wear, liquid glimmer eyeshadow, and MatteLast Liquid Lip that provides full-on color while keeping the lips hydrated. It comes in two varieties - Day and Night, so you can easily change up your look - classic to dramatic! - $18

My top two from this collection is definitely the Eye Heart Palette and the Lip Kit!

Here's their complete Hydrating Milky Collection:

I am so happy I got to own 6 of them:

Hydrating Milky Makeup Remover - this is a gentle makeup remover that helps you get rid of the most long-wearing makeup without stripping the skin's essential moisture. - $24

Hydrating Milky Cleanser - it's a creamy daily face wash that gently cleanses the skin while providing it with deep hydration. It's suitable for all skin types and ideal for dry skin. - $18

Hydrating Milky Peel - a gentle exfoliating micro-peel product that clears away dead skin cells to show brighter skin. - $24

Milky Tonic - this is a balancing and hydrating milk-enriched toner that help soothe your complexion and provides essential hydration to the skin while helps your skin relax.  - $29

Hydrating Milky Serum - this serum helps hydrates and revitalizes skin while giving it the protection it needs and improving its elasticity. - $24

Hydrating Milky Lotion - this multi-use lotion can be used for face and body to deliver instant moisture and long-term hydration. - $24

Missing in this collection is their Supersized Hydrating Milky Mist, 160 ml ($20), and the smaller version - 80 ml bottle ($15). My favorites would be the Hydrating Milky Makeup Remover and  Hydrating Milky Peel.

Retinol Jasmine Cleanser - this is a creamy moisturizing cleanser that helps remove all impurities for smoother, firmer, and more radiant-looking skin. - $18

Retinol Tonic - this multi-action treatment toner helps reduce fine lines and smoothes the complexion while soothing sensitive skin. - $15

Overnight Retinol Oil - this smoothing night oil helps restore skin plumpness and improve the appearance of fine lines and pores. - $24

Retinol Jasmine Lotion - this lightweight moisturizing lotion helps to ensure healthier-looking skin by while leaving skin feeling renewed and nourished. - $24    

Retinol Eye Cream - this super nourishing eye cream helps improve skin's elasticity and helps minimize the look of fine lines around the eye area. - $22

Among these fantastic products, my favorites are the Overnight Retinol Oil and Retinol Eye Cream.

Here's more of the Pixi Beauty Products I currently owned and loving:

Glitter-y Eye Quad - this quad of four glittery shades is perfect as a finishing toper to add sparkles on your eye makeup looks. It's available in 3 shades: Rose Bronze, Gold Lava, and Blue Pearl. I currently owned the Rose Bronze palette. - $14

Liplift Max - this peptide-infused lip plumper is a volume-maximizing lip treatment that hydrates and nourishes the lips with its cooling sensation and glossy finish. It's available in 5 shades: Petal Ice, Honey Sheen, Sheer Rose, Sweet Nectar, and Peony Bloom. I have 3 of these - the Petal Ice, Sweet Nectar, and Peony Bloom shades.  - $14

H20 SkinDrink - this intense moisture gel delivers a burst of hydration to the skin while instantly rejuvenates and refreshes it. - $6 for mini and $22 for the regular size.

Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths - these pre-moistened cleansing cloths can effectively remove makeup while calming the skin and leaving it feeling perfectly clean and balanced. - $10

Large Lash Mascara - this mascara has a specialized and buildable formula that intensely volumizes and lengthens the lashes with its oversized brush. $16

Summer Glow Palette - this silky natural mineral powders in a mix of matte & glowing finishes is perfect for creating a natural sunkissed glow look. $20

There's so many to love from Pixi Beauty! What's your favorite collection or product? If you haven't owned any yet, what would be the most you are excited to try?

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