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Monday, May 1, 2017

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Tired of holding your phone while navigating the GPS? Sick of trying to choose your music while driving and holding your phone on the other hand? Now you can relax by using this car mount by iMustech!

My husband and I have no sense of direction at times, so we are pretty much dependable with our phones' GPS. Most of the time, I will hold the cell phone while trying to show him the GPS. Yes, at times, it is really tiring! I bought us a cheap car mount before that can be attached to the wheel. However, that did not work.

Then, I came upon this Car mount being sold by iMustech on Amazon. After reading the specs and some reviews, I decided to buy it. Since I am an Amazon Prime member, the delivery was fast!

 It came in a decent box and 2 tools that you have to connect and attach to the air vent of the car.

Installing it to the car was relatively easy. It is very well designed with a swivel ball for full360-degreee rotation and a flexible arm for vertical adjustment that make it very easy to find optimal viewing. Since it's medium size and light weight, this phone holder ensures no burden to the car air vent and gives easy to access to the buttons, charging port and headphone port.

Photo courtesy of iMustech on
The reliable adjustability was one of the key features of this air vent phone holder. The anti-slip rubber of this car mount air vent holder can hold length from 4.55 inch to 6.6 inch and width from 1.73-1.97 inch, perfect for my phone and my husbands' as well. It is compatible with most models of Cell Phones, GPS, Smartphones and other handheld devices.

This phone mount was perfect for our needs and made our travel easier. 

Sorry for the dusty car of my hubby.
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