Review: INNX 2 inch Ultra Soft Mattress Topper

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Can't get a comfortable sleep with your hard mattress? Maybe it's time to buy a new one or just simply add a soft mattress topper to solve your problem! I found this perfect mattress topper that best fit my needs and helped me sleep well in some way. Check it out and it might be the thing you are also looking for!

Product Details:

  • 57.9"W x 78"L, QUEEN SIZE mattress topper with 2" ultra soft memory foam
  • 12.8 pounds
  • Air Ventilation Designs
  • Removable Mattress Topper Cover

I was so happy to be able to try this mattress topper at a heavy promotional discount in exchange for testing and review purposes. I had trouble sleeping at night and one of the reasons was because my bed mattress was hard and the bed sheet kept on slipping because of the plastic of the mattress. 

When this mattress topper arrived, it came in a big box! It was rolled over in a plastic that came with an instruction sheet. I followed the instruction sheet carefully. I bring the mattress topper out of the plastic, lay it flat on the floor and waited for the maximum 48 hours for the mattress topper to fully rise.

I asked my husband to help me put it on our bed because the mattress was big and heavy for me. Since we do not have an exact Queen size bed, the mattress topper came out a little smaller but just fine to cover the entire side of my bed (My husband side was where if fell short, but he didn't mind). 😀😁😁

I love how soft this mattress topper was! It was so comfortable and it did help me sleep more soundly at night. And since it has air ventilation designs, it won't get as much as hot since the holes in the memory foam will let the air get through more easily and feel cooler during sleep. You can also remove the cover to wash it when the time comes.

You can check this product out and buy yourself one here:

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Does your mattress topper soft like this one? Tell me your thought about this product below!

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