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Crowdtap Mission: Julep Cushion Complexion Review

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

So, another makeup mission from Crowdtap! I couldn't be happier when I was approved and was sent not only one, but 5 shades of these amazing Julep Cushion Complexion!

Below are the 5 shades of Julep Cushion Complexion 5 in 1 Skin Perfector With Turmeric  I received:

1. 200 Nude - a Medium Nude shade with Cool Undertone
2. 210 Cashmere - a Medium Cashmere shade with Cool Undertone
3. 220 Sand - a Medium Sand shade with Neutral Undertone
4. 230 Beige - a Medium Beige shade with Warm Undertone
5. 240 Camel - a Medium Camel shade with Warm Undertone

Shade Swatches

This Cushion complexion claims to be made of natural ingredients such as Tumeric Extract that provides long-term brightening benefits and contains anti-inflammatory properties. It also has Camellia Seed Oil that contains skin-calming properties and provides nourishing & moisturizing benefits and Soft-Focus Powders that blur the look of fine lines & imperfections while creating a smooth, demi-matte finish that’s never flat. 

So this Julep Cushion Complexion works as a 5-in-1 Skin Perfector:

1. Conceal - dark circles, acne, hyperpigmentation & smile lines
2. Correct - neutralize redness & inflammation
3. Illuminate - to bring out the high points of the face
4. Blur - the look of fine lines & imperfections
5. Brighten - the skin with long-term with Turmeric Extract

I love the design of this cushion, making it easy to apply and carry around. The applicator has a twist bottom design.  At first use, you have to twist it multiple times until you see the product being dispensed in the applicator tip. The formula was also buildable, which you can blend easily and can give you a medium to full coverage.  

Among these 5 shades, the Sand, Beige, and Camel are those that more likely be perfect for my olive skin tone. But I also like using the Nude shade for a brighter skin.

I like how it can conceal my skin's imperfection, I currently have break outs, and although the Nude shade does not completely cover those big pimples that I have (the small ones are easily concealed), I love how it makes my face soft and smooth looking. 

Overall, this product was great! You can bring it on-the-go, and it makes it easier to re-touch using this.

On-the-go touch up

These are the photos I took of myself using Julep's Cushion Complexion.

Before & After

Final look with Julep Cushion Complexion

It retails for $300.16 oz, 4.6 g. It's available on Julep's website, and it has a total of 18 shades available. 

You can also buy this on and they currently have it on sale for $18

Make it yours, make it fun. BRAVE PRETTY

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me complimentary by Crowdtap for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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Tryazon Sampling: Lovidia Hunger Control Formula (Review)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I was able to have the opportunity of trying out a new hunger control dietary supplement thru TryaBox sampling of Tryazon. This website is another great place to find new and interesting products that you can try for free. They offer a party package so not only you can enjoy the products, but also your friends and relatives. If you are not into hosting a party, they also have the TryaBox sampling, where in you can also try great products at no cost and they will send you an individual sample pack without needing to host a group event. If you haven't signed up yet, maybe it's time! Click here to sign up today: Tryazon.

That being said, out of thousands of people who applied for this Lovidia TryaBox opportunity, I was one of the 300 participants that have been selected.
I really wanted this product so bad because I've wanted to lose some weight and control my eating (for some reason I am always hungry😒), and given that it's a dietary supplement that will supposedly control your hunger, I was thrilled when I was selected.

I received a TryaBox valued at $55+, containing the following items:

• Lovidia tablets to sample and share
• Pill travel container
• Wellness booklet
• Refrigerator magnet
• Lovidia TryaBox Guide

My Lovidia TryaBox Kit

It was indeed a generous sampling package. I received 2 sample boxes with 12 tablets each plus 20 extra Lovidia tablets, enough for a month's supply to try or to share. 

What's Lovidia? It is a science-based, clinically proven dietary supplement that claims to effectively solves your struggle on eating less to lose weight and constantly fight hunger and cravings by helping you get more satisfaction from less food. It gives you the power to avoid overeating, hence, reaching your weight loss goals.

What're the ingredients?  According to the guide book I received, the ingredients in Lovidia’s hunger-control blend are all natural, non-stimulatory, vegan, non-GMO, non-caloric, gluten free and dairy-free. The ingredients are designated as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the US FDA. Hunger Control Blend: Stevia leaf extract, L-glutamine, L-leusine, lysine hydrochloride, pomegranate fruit extract. Other Ingredients: dextrose, sodium alginate, modified cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, medium chain triglycerides, oleic acid, glycerin, stearic acid. 

My Experience:
So without further ado, here's my take about these pills. First, they are quite big for those who don't like taking pills. In my case, I don't have problems with it. The pills do not have after taste when you swallow it, which is a good thing. I started taking 2 tablets a day. One tablet in the morning around 10 am and one tablet in the afternoon around 6 pm. The first few days of taking the pills, I started experiencing mild headaches. I had strong reasons to believe that it might be caused by the pills since I tried to stop taking it for a while and the headaches didn't bother me during those times. But since I am really determined to finish the sampling trial and incorporate Lovidia in my weight loss program, I continued using it again. This time, I reduced the pills intake to 1 tablet a day, which I take every afternoon because I usually get hungry at night, where I badly needed to control my hunger and late night eating habits.

I also downloaded their app -  the Lovidia Way to help me keep my progress. But for some reasons, the weight tracker, which is one of a useful tool for me didn't work my entire sampling period. However, the recipes included in the app helped me in some ways.

I started at 155 lbs. Before this sampling opportunity, my husband and I already decided to get a gym membership at the Local Gym in our area. We also tried to start being more mindful of what we ate and tried to have healthier food choices. It was HARD. Going to the gym was actually the easy part, but food choices were a struggle. 

We manage to be able to eat good food and reduced eating junk. Yes, once in a while, we do "cheat days" too. And yes, this is where Lovidia should come to play a needed part. But to tell you honestly, instead of controlling my hunger, Lovidia made it worse. I feel hungrier! Oh no! I did not notice any changes in my hunger, and it was indeed frustrating. However, I did not let it ruin my goal of at least losing even a pound. Although I continue taking the Lovidia pills, I no longer rely on it. Instead, I keep making healthy choices. Whenever I feel hungry, I grab trail mixes - nuts, raisins, etc. I forced myself to keep going to the gym (although sometimes I don't feel like going and my husband is not available). Now, I have the drive and not dependent to any supplement.

Final Words.  I won't say Lovidia is not useful at all because I saw many people who participated in this sampling program that had a positive result, some are amazing results! I think my body is not used to the pills if that makes sense. I do believe that our bodies are different in so many ways, and one of the differences was the ability to react on certain supplements. Anyway, I enjoyed this sampling opportunity and thankful to Tryazon and Lovidia for giving me the chance to try this product.

P.S.  I actually lost 7 lbs in between my journey. But now I am back up to 2 pounds. I am currently weighing 150 lbs. Not bad for a starter, right? I am keeping my hopes high in this personal weight loss journey of mine.😊

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me complimentary by Tryazon for testing and reviewing purposes. But all opinions are my own.

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