Easy-Peasy Hair Color Transformation with L'oreal Colorista Semi-permanent Color

Friday, April 14, 2017

If you are thinking of trying something new and vibrant for your hair, L'oreal Colorista Semi-permanent Color can be something you may want to try.

I received this product complimentary for testing purposes.

I love how simple and easy  L'oreal Colorista Semi-permanent Color was to use. It comes with a 3 pair of gloves, which I like since I actually used 2 pairs (one pair when coloring and the other pair when rinsing it), an instruction sheet and one expert brush.  It's amazing how it does not require any mixing, no ammonia, and no peroxide. It claimed to be with vegan formula and no animal derived ingredients which are a plus if you are a health or animal conscious person. Another great feature of this hair color is that it has no strong smell, as in no smell at all, unlike other hair colors that I've used with an adamant chemical smell! The 4 FL. OZ color tube was more than enough to cover my entire hair (armpit length). The Burgundy color is best in lighter brown hair color, and since I have reddish-auburn hair color, it was not clearly visible to mine.  This product is ideal for those who wanted to try different hair colors every now and then because the color only lasts 4-10 shampoos and so you can try another shade if you like! One more plus, after hair coloring, your hair will look so shiny and smooth even though it does not require any shampooing and conditioning!

My hair color before applying L'oreal Colorista in Burgundy.

The result of using L'oreal Colorista in Burgundy.
 I waited for a couple of days to write my review to see how long will this product last in my hair. After 4 shampoos, it was actually still visible, and my hair was still shiny. Few things I don't really like about it was the stain it leaves on your skin that is hard to remove (but you can use petroleum gel to remove it quickly). Also, it took me a very long time to rinse my hair after coloring -- as in hours of rinsing, and whenever you wash your hair after (2) days, you will still see the hair color washing off. Overall, I really like this product and will choose this again over my regular hair color every month.

My hair still has its shine and color after a week and 4 shampoos.

You can check L'oreal's site to browse for different shades of this product.

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  1. wow!!! i like how shinny your hair!! i looks so smooth!!!