Review: Facial Cleaning Brush by Beauty Artisan

Saturday, April 15, 2017

First-time facial cleaning brush user here! And I was glad I was able to try this cute facial cleaning brush as my first.

I can tell you that  I am a late beauty-concern bloomer and I am not entirely familiar with so many things regarding makeups and beauty routines! But right now, I am slowly learning.

One of my first discovery is this so called Facial Cleaning Brush, and fortunately, I was able to have one at a discounted price for testing and review purposes.

The packaging was simple and nice. However, the manufacturer of the packaging misspelled the word "cleaning" in front of the box.
Cla-ning instead of Cleaning.

I fell in love with the cute color and design of the brush. It was a 5.48 inch in length with an arc design and a matte-textured handle. It perfectly fits my palm and has a comfortable grip. At the bottom of the handle was a string that you can use to hang the brush after using (which I don't find hygienic for some reasons). The bristle of the brush was super soft! According to the description in, it has 26 million pieces of high-quality nano-antibacterial fiber from Japan which sounds amazing!

It massaged my skin pretty well and gentle. I discovered that using a brush in your facial cleansing routine was more effective in penetrating the pores thus removing the dirt thoroughly than just by hand-washing your face. After I had used this, my skin felt smooth and clean. This facial cleaning brush was the first brush I ever used on my face, and so far I loved it, and it's now officially included in my daily facial routine.

If you want to buy yours, you can visit this link:

You can also watch my short Vlog about this product below.

So, what's your current Facial cleaning brush?

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